Godin Progression Black RN с чехлом

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The Godin Progression is the next evolution of the single-coil guitar. It features all the “slap & spank” you’ll ever need, as well as extremely consistent volume output between the Godin GS-2 pickups and the unexpected power & crunch that you wouldn’t expect from a single-coil guitar. The Progression combines a 25 1/2" scale neck with the added snap of a rock maple neck along with the added bonus of the High-Definition Revoicer.

The H.D.R. revoices and augments the frequency range of each pickup and allows the player to go from passive to active pickups with the simple push of a button.

The H.D.R. provides extra bite, dynamic response and redefines the character of each pickup. It’s like having 2 sets of pickups in 1 guitar for 5 pure passive tones + 5 pure active tones. (активный усилитель средних частот Godin H.D.R).

Rock Maple гриф
Rosewood or Maple - накладка грифа
12" - радиус грифа
25 1/2" - мензура
1 11/16" nut width
сребролистный клен с тополем по бокам - материал корпуса
3 звукоснимателя Godin GS-2 single coil
Регуляторы: 5-way switch, 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone,
1 x Godin High-Definition Revoicer (H.D.R.)
Цвета: Trans Cream, Trans Caramel, Vintage Burst & Black

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