Roland VC-1-SC

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видео конвертер

Roland's video converters address the demand for high-quality converters for live/post production as well as installed systems. They include the Roland VC-1-HS (HDMI to SDI), VC-1-SH (SDI to HDMI), VC-1-DL (Bi-directional SDI/HDMI with audio/video delay and frame sync) and VC-1-SC (Up/Down/Cross Scan converterto/from SDI/HDMI).

The SC unit enables the conversion of composite, component, RGB, HDMI/DVI or SDI video signals to HDMI/DVI and SDI signals. It includes full scaling ability as well as a frame sync. In addition you can embedding audio into the signal or monitor the incoming audio from a digital input.

Video devices that accept digital signals such as SDI and HDMI have become more common in live production, and as a result, the need for video conversion is essential. The Roland VC-1-SC Video Converter is ideal for live production where you need analog or digital sources to match a certain SDI and/or HDMI video format, aspect ratio, or input type. The versatility of this converter to support a variety of configurations for live production and installed application make it highly valuable in many environments.


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